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Certification Request

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IMPORTANT NOTE: It is best to access eBenefits and take this screen shot IMMEDIATELY after your benefits have been applied to the CURRENT SEMESTER, so that you have a ready document for the upcoming semester!

WAVE: Chapter 30, 1607, and 1606 recipients, MUST verify enrollment at the end of each month.


My Degree Audit Report:

GI Bill® recipients should refer to their Degree Audit Reports prior to submitting their certification request. ALL GI Bill® recipients are required to be working toward a degree. Exploratory professionals must let us know what their intended degree is. Furthermore, the VA will not pay for courses that are not required for your degree. This means that classes listed under “Open Electives” will require an email from your academic advisor stating that the courses are part of your degree plan, and minors that are not required for your degree will not be certified. Also, students using TA through Go Army Ed will need to upload this degree plan to their eFile.