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Residency Evaluation

Veterans classified as non-residents of Texas may qualify to have the out-of-state portion of their tuition waived or exempted; however, they must first complete this Residency Waiver Checklist for evaluation by the Residency Officer. The Residency Officer may request additional specific documentation upon review.

You may contact the Residency Office at or 5-2725 from an on-campus phone, or by visiting the Castro Undergraduate Admissions Center in the “White House” at the intersection of Guadalupe and Concho Streets.

(If emailed, please include the information requested below in your email, if not sending a scanned Residency Checklist Waiver Form. The Residency Office will perform a residency verification and forward it to the Veterans Affairs Office.)

After evaluation, all students who are verified non-residents will need to recontact the Residency Office by the Reevaluation Date listed.