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Certify Your Classes

  • After you have collected your required documents and registered for your classes, you are ready to submit an online Certification Request. You will be able to upload all required documentation at the end of your request.
  • Ensure that your benefits are applied to your bill before payment is due by submitting your certification requests by the submission deadlines found on the homepage.



  • For GI Bill® users, the number of credits you take will impact your benefit eligibility, cost of attendance, and student status. Contact the Veterans Affairs Office by email if you change your schedule so that you understand how it might affect your benefit status or financial aid eligibility.
  • There is no minimum or maximum number of hours per semester for Hazlewood.



GPA requirements

Hazlewood recipients must maintain a specific Texas State GPA minimum 

  • 2.0 for Undergraduate
  • 3.0 for Graduate

Suspended Status

Students in a suspended status are not eligible for VA or Hazlewood benefits. Find more information on the University's academic probation and suspension policy.


Excessive Hours

Students cannot use Hazlewood benefits if they are in excessive hours. Find more information regarding excessive hours.


Academic Progress for Students Seeking to Continue State Waiver and Exemption Awards (UPPS No. 07.07.07)